My First Post

The Reedsy Discovery Review of Mirrored Sword Part One goes live today. I have no idea exactly at what hour, not any inkling of what to expect, but I’ve primed some ads at Facebook to push the sales momentum along somehow (I hope), and I’ve linked the review to this blog and to the Amazon Bookstore. I like to think I’ll sell a few copies in the coming days and weeks but if I don’t, it’s not the end of me as a writer. Surely nobody expects a writer to be good at designing and conducting a sales campaign.

“The book will sell itself,” I have kept telling myself.

“It has to get noticed first,” says the wiser voice in me.

“But it’s brilliant.”

“So is a supernova, but if nobody has a telescope pointed that way …”

“They can detect gravitational waves these days.”

“Are you serious? You’ve written a BIG story, but …”

“It will get noticed!” I insist.

Thus the debate rages within me, over and over, but only one of my voices can be right.

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