A Healing Story for Broken Times

Deadly epidemics, rampant crime, wars and rumours of wars – sound familiar? That’s right, it’s the year 1471, and life struggles amid the ruins of better times, as political divisions and dynastic struggles leave the authorities corrupt and powerless. Yet these are also times of renewal.

Mirrored Sword is a story of the living past and it will keep you smiling through the rage and fury you might feel today, on the verge of a world that seems to be coming apart. It is, in a nutshell, a tragicomic story of lovers and other buffoons getting their lives together as they guess, blunder and barge their way towards something like victory, freedom and release, with pets, friends, servants and family coming along for the ride.

The story is told in two parts or as a complete whole, and you can mix and match eBooks and paperbacks to suit your tastes and budget. It includes a feast of talking points that you can share with those near and dear to you, or those in the way of becoming near and dear, as you work your way through the twists and turns of the plot, every I-knew-it opening onto an I-don’t-believe-it, and every What-a-man or What-a-woman crumbling into Stop-it-while-you-still can-You-Fool! Then there are all the How-dare-they moments, and I-daren’t-turn-another-page! Chances are you’ll read it again and again, and each time you’ll discover something you hadn’t realised before. It’s a BIG story.

And it is available now at Amazon Books. I’m the author, Allan Hands. You are welcome to poke about my blog for more info, or Shop Now.

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