Award-Winning Author

Being a new author, I’m keenly aware of all the award-winning authors out there, so now I am giving myself one: The No Awards Award. I am proudly shelving it with all the other trophies I never won.

But seriously, here is a an award or reward for you, the reader: my two-book series, Mirrored Sword, is selling at Amazon Books at ground-floor prices, about $1.00 or £0.77 per book. Part One is FREE on Kindle Unlimited. This is for a limited time only, so get this bargain before the prices go up. You’ll have to buy it sooner or later, it’s s such a great story!

What makes Mirrored Sword such a great story? I have no problem sharing my secret with you. I didn’t write it to make a lot of money. I wanted to write a great novel, a modern epic set in the exotic past, a tragicomic adventure/romance that will get readers hanging on tight in a rollercoaster ride with vivid characters, the dialogue witty and charming, the setting historically authentic. If the ride is slow in places, you know it’s building up to something big.

“Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah,” I hear you scoff.

You don’t believe me? Get Part One and give it a try. What have you got to lose? It’s free or almost. If you like the experience, get Part 2 as well, because it’s just as cheap, BUT REMEMBER: it is only for a limited period.

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