BOOK of the DAY

Phwizz, whoosh, BAM, zip, titta titta titta, BANG, BANG,


“Why the fireworks?” says a busybody.

“I’m celebrating,” Allan explains while lighting a Catherine Wheel.

“What are you celebrating?”

“The OnlineBookClub has started promoting my book BOTD.”

“You wrote a book titled BOTD?”

“No, Mirrored Sword Part One—it’s Book of the Day.”

“So why should I care?”


“The book is FREE on Amazon—it’s part of the celebration.”

“Thats a pretty Catherine Wheel!”

“It’s won’t last long and neither will Book of the Day. Get it while you can.”

“What else?”

“Part Two is only US $1.00 and that won’t last long either.”


“You’re right, the Catherine Wheel fizzled out all too soon.”

“Yes but the BOTD deal is still live, so get it at Amazon now. Just press on one of the buttons below and you’ll be there in a flash.”