The Day After My BOOK of the DAY

I got a pleasant surprise yesterday and so did 380 other people—the number of those who went away with a free copy of my book, Mirrored Sword Part One. They are some of the many friends and supporters of, a group that supplied me all day with truckloads of good vibes and kindnesses, an unusual experience with complete strangers in social media! That’s what they do. They are book lovers, in sync with an organisation that mediates between readers and authors.

I also sold 12 copies of my other book, PART TWO, and I’m sure that many of those gifted with PART ONE will end up buying the second in the series. It’s a great story. Then again, I am aware that no book can ever be everyone’s cup of tea, and this was very apparent yesterday when I found myself on two of Amazon’s TOP LISTS of free books. One was in the category Humour and the other was in Medieval Historical Romance. My book is a tragicomic epic. It has elements of humour and it has elements of romance but it also has much more besides, and oh how lonely and out of place it looked in the midst of all that pulp fiction! Here is a sample.

So, now I am wondering if it is worthwhile handing out so many free copies of my books, if the books end up landing on high profile lists where they clearly do not belong, and where they are unlikely to find satisfied buyers. Then again, I encountered so many nice people with nice things to say yesterday, I might try the experiment again.

You can grab one of my books at Amazon using the buttons below. Part One is still free for a few days and both Parts are priced as low as possible for most of April: just US $1.00 or £0.77 each.