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  • The Day After My BOOK of the DAY

    I got a pleasant surprise yesterday and so did 380 other people—the number of those who went away with a free copy of my book, Mirrored Sword Part One. They are some of the many friends and supporters of, a group that supplied me all day with truckloads of good vibes and kindnesses, an […]

  • BOOK of the DAY

    Phwizz, whoosh, BAM, zip, titta titta titta, BANG, BANG, KABOOM! “Why the fireworks?” says a busybody. “I’m celebrating,” Allan explains while lighting a Catherine Wheel. “What are you celebrating?” “The OnlineBookClub has started promoting my book BOTD.” “You wrote a book titled BOTD?” “No, Mirrored Sword Part One—it’s Book of the Day.” “So why should […]

  • Award-Winning Author

    Being a new author, I’m keenly aware of all the award-winning authors out there, so now I am giving myself one: The No Awards Award. I am proudly shelving it with all the other trophies I never won. But seriously, here is a an award or reward for you, the reader: my two-book series, Mirrored […]

  • Roses for a Dinosaur

    Selling books to the public is like feeding roses to a dinosaur. Individual people are smart, canny, sensitive creatures, endowed with an olfactory nerve that sniffs out bargains and treasures from miles away, but the public is a different critter. Massed together as a crowd, people feed as one, think, feel, move in the manner […]

  • A Healing Story for Broken Times

    Deadly epidemics, rampant crime, wars and rumours of wars – sound familiar? That’s right, it’s the year 1471, and life struggles amid the ruins of better times, as political divisions and dynastic struggles leave the authorities corrupt and powerless. Yet these are also times of renewal. Mirrored Sword is a story of the living past […]

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