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  • Australian Author Captures Medieval England – Singlehanded!

    Allan Hands is a self-published Australian author who single-handedly captured medieval England in a two-book series titled Mirrored Sword. The reviews are rapturous so far, highlighting how well he caught the people, places and times with a story that is not only thrilling and realistic but witty also. Even the English (usually a grudging mob) […]

  • Fancy a Tour Through Medieval England – with pets?

    Spalding, Bourne, Fotheringhay, Huntingdon, Royston and Ware here we come! Throw in Waltham Abbey, Southwark, London and the Lincolnshire fens, just for good measure, and bring along some pets, such as the spoilt mule-cum-donkey, Lady Lorna Blakeney, and Wakefield, the Welsh terrier (aka Dog, the poacher’s friend), and how could you forget Mary of Reading, […]

  • One of the Best Historical Fiction Novels Ever?

    You be the judge. is undoubtedly one of the premier sites for self-published authors, connecting them with professionals in the book trade able to give manuscripts a winning finish (one of their artists designed the cover here). The site regularly issues a newsletter, featuring recently reviewed books. Issue #143 (December 10 2021) opened with […]

  • Doctor Alana Hands, an Authority on Medieval Romance, previews ‘Mirrored Sword’ .

    Hello! I am Alan Hands, the author of the book the good professor has just previewed. What do you think of her performance? What will you think of mine? I think the jury is still out on that one, because there is more to writing and publishing that just writing and publishing. Writing a book […]

  • A Must Read! 🏆

    He is a legend, she is notorious, and their clash is TITANIC.  The review for Mirrored Sword Part Two is now live at Reedsy Discovery. The characters were so real and so engaging that I was pulled into their world instantly and experienced all the highs and lows of the book right along with them […]