What happens when the world’s worst shrew meets the world’s most notorious warrior?

MIRRORED SWORD, a tragicomic adventure/romance as turbulent as its historical background, the Wars of the Roses (the great, dynastic struggle for the English throne.) She is an aspiring painter and devoted loyalist. He is the legendary but ageing Beast of Ferrybridge—a notorious rebel! An uprising in Lincolnshire throws them together, the king keeps them together, and thus they must work out their destinies and England’s, in a roller-coaster story that combines laughter and tears, comedy and adventure, history and make-believe, high art and vulgar entertainment: a medieval banquet, loaded with surprises, colourful characters and poetic justice.


Part One, The Dance, is a journey from Lincolnshire to London, where he goes in search of a fool brother, and she goes in quest of a royal romance, the story careering through a series of revealing encounters, climaxing in treachery and mayhem at Baynard Castle, the king’s London home.

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Part Two, The Tour, is their return journey from London to Lincolnshire, as companions and fellow travellers of the king, when their previous encounters are even more revealing in reverse order, ending in a rising tide of bloodshed and revenge, malice and pure evil, hope and desperate self-belief, deep in the fens.

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The narrative represents the viewpoints of eight different characters in Part One, and then concentrates on the viewpoints of just two characters in Part Two, the hero and heroine, as they struggle to shake off, manipulate, dominate, or understand and accept each other. Themes include conflicting loyalties and challenging relationships associated with lovers, friends, family, pets, and political allies. Chapters are presented as 31 calendar dates in the year 1470. Each book includes a map, a chart and (in paperback) headers to orientate readers.


The Complete Mirrored Sword

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What happens when the world’s worst shrew meets the world’s best warrior?